Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lee Sungjin - Sungmin's Brother

While I was about to go to bed last night, my twitter timeline was suddenly filled with spazz tweets from different ELFs about how hot this guy was while studying. They kept on referring to him as Sungjin and how he suddenly rose to fangirls' number 1 hotness list and how having good looks run in their family. I was all, what family? Whose brother is this?

I didn't know who this guy was at all but I had to agree when I saw his twitter pic. He really was hot. Like bad boy hot.

And then, after wondering for so long, I was so shocked to find out it was Lee Sungmin's younger brother. SUNGjin. SUNGmin. And they both have the same lips and slightly poofy but cute cheeks.

Lee brothers are so handsome. XD Sungmin has this nice guy look and Sungjin looks all bad ass.

Now I'm not sure if this is true but people say he's 91-line. If that is true then omo, noona thinks you're pretty fine! :)))

He's an 89line! :D Thank you to Undead29 for commenting me this. :D

His birthday is October 23, 1989 :) - Thanks to Danica for this.

[pics are all from Sungjin's twitter]


  1. lolo im trolling here but yup,my tl was also flooded with his photo yesternite ~well,actually only 2-3 people RT his twitpic n mentioned him being as handsome as his bro.i was like who is he?u see,almost all people that i followd are fans of SuJu so i was suspecting juz mayb he is related to one of SuJu memb.Google answered me n duh~good looks definitely runs in least in Lee's household xD n google also brought me to ur blog (or lee sungjin act.)

  2. @mel: lol Google also answered most of my questions but I just typed Sungjin and it keeps giving me search results of a female korean archer. 0_o hahaha!

  3. jinja?woahhhhh~~he soo
    like his brother..haha

  4. @Budak: Munie!! :) Yes, very hot like his brother. ^^

  5. Ha ha ha! He looks like Sungmin.

  6. how old he is??
    i think he soo younger,

  7. I have no idea how old he is. lol.

  8. badboy...kaayo ug dating

  9. waw hes so handsome...