Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Download Super Junior Explorers Of The Human Body English Subbed

Someone asked me where she (or he, i totally forgot) can download Super Junior's Explorers of the Human Body with Shin Dong Yup in English subs since I did an Explorers of The Human Body Review and posted a directory of download links for Super Junior's Full House.

Well, you guys can download them over at Super-Legacy forums. All you have to do is register, reach at least 30 posts and then you can download them. They're all English subbed by GOE;SS and they're complete from Episode 1-13 (yeah, just 13 episodes)

Before I tell you where it's exactly located though, PLEASE read this:
Top 10 Reasons why you should register at Super-Legacy Forums:

1. Not only is it filled with Explorers of The Human Body download links but you can also download other Super Junior Variety shows in English subs as well.

*I recently downloaded Shin Jung Hwan PD's Variety World with MBLAQ Vs. Super Junior in Eng Subs and in HQ too.

2. You can interact with other ELFs (Super Junior's Fans)
3. Discuss, share insights and answer polls regarding SJ, SJ-M, SJ-H, SJ-T, SJ KRY or for individual members.
4. Listen to their online Super Junior Radio
5. Get to know SJ member's schedules and time tables
6. Chat with ELFs (they're really friendly and helpful)
7. Read and discuss Super Junior Latest news
8. Look at Super Junior FanPics or watch Fancams (SS3 Fancams are there)
9. Be amazed at their website layout (I know I was)
10. Help Super Junior with the forum projects (like help them win the Golden Disk Awards or participate in the Year End Project)

Don't just sign up to Super Legacy Forums just to download links. It's a pretty awesome site and really helpful so I suggest you should be active in it aside from downloading stuff. Oh and PLEASE READ FORUM RULES. They're a must.

Now, to download Explorers of The Human Body, once you've signed in, reached about 30 posts, go to The Super Language Lab -> Other English Subbed Videos -> Gods of The East Subbing Squad. Most of them are hard subbed in English from 1-13 and in good quality. I know a lot of people prefer Megaupload rather than clubbox ( I can't understand clubbox) so the links are all there.

After downloading, be sure to leave a comment thanking the person who uploaded it. It would mean a lot to him or her.

So that's it! I didn't post the download links like what I did with Full House since I already cleared out all my bookmarks. I downloaded them 3 months ago and I know they're really hard to find again. Registering to Super Legacy will be the only easy way you can get these videos. Plus you'll meet a few friends too.

Have fun!


  1. www.super-legacy.com/forums/ is like an ocean filled with sapphire blue colored seawater ! It's a really great place or i should say 'home' for an ELF which is one of the world's largest fanbased belongs to multi-talented boys of Super Junior. It's a place where you can download and interact with ELFs from all around the globe with just few clicks away from your mouse. EVERYTHING under the sun about Super Junior can be found here. I'm beyond excitement everytime SPL upload a new Variety Show featuring Super Junior with full English sub. All in all, if you're a BIG fan of SuJu, SPL is really the place.

    Dear SPL, continue the good job and no matter what happens, we're always be with you. SPL DAEBAK !

  2. :D
    I love SPL too ♥
    And, you're incredibly kind ~♥

    Thank you, thank you, thank you :D

  3. @Raudzah: Thanks for the comment! I love SPL too. Thanks for commenting this so that people would know why I really recommend this site to everyone. ^_^

  4. @L: You're welcome. ^^ Thanks for the comment

  5. hi..i have registered at the Super-Legacy Forum & i would like to download the Explorers of The Human Body..what am i suppose to post so that i can get the download link?can you tell me what to post?thanks..=)

  6. Well, it's not about what you need to post. It's about interacting with others. Go explore SPLegacy and u'll find a lot of interesting facts about the members. There you can comment on their posts, share your insights and spazz with them as well but DON'T MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SPAM because you'll definitely get a warning. By doing these regularly, you'll end up getting 30 posts or maybe more. :)

  7. do u have unbelievable outing with super junior?

  8. ^ Hi. Now unfortunately I don't have that...

  9. Oh! I really love this show! thank you for sharing =)

  10. @Adriana K: ur welcome. :D

  11. huhuhuh its so sad i have enough points to download ehb but unfortunately my country banned megaupload site so i couldnt download them huhuhuh this is so frustrating i really wanna watch this show

  12. Hey, so sorry. :( But megaupload are the only download links I know. :(

  13. Those links are all gone now since Megaupload has been shut down by the government :(

    May want to take a look here, they have links on MediaFire

    I'm still in the process of downloading ep 1 so I dunno if it's as high quality as the ones GOE;ss had. I can't seem to find downloads to the GOE;ss subbed ones anywhere. Doesn't seem like they had any files on Clubbox either...

    1. Nevermind, the mp4 format ones on MediaFile there are by GOE;SS :)